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Construction Law

There is a construction boom in Zimbabwe right now, which is bringing opportunities for the sector, as well as giving rise to fresh challenges. We provide expert advice an legal assistance to foreign and domestic clients regarding all issues arising from the planning, design, construction and operation of constructions. Whether you are the owner, principal, design professional, general contractor, developer, project administrator, subcontractor, architect, surveyor, or supplier on a construction project, consultant and or investor M & C Law Firm will assist you in achieving a successful project outcome. Our team shares their extensive experience and industry knowledge, and seek for efficient, robust solutions that allow the clients to accomplish their business goals in a rapidly changing environment.

By understanding the specific needs of our clients, we encourage them to tackle not only deeply-rooted problems, but also focus on effective risk management, dispute prevention, proper documentation so that problems occur as infrequently as possible and are resolved at the earliest stage possible. Fast, efficiently and in a manner that saves clients’ time and resources. Our services include consultations and legal support regarding all construction legal issues: preparation (drafting) and review of contracts (including but not limited to Land Development Contracts, Joint Venture Agreements, Construction Contracts, NDAs, MOUs) and other legal documents: negotiations; legal supervision and execution of contracts: managing legal construction-related risks, prevention of disputes and non-performance of contracts, strategy development and preparation of relevant documentation; representation in court and arbitration tribunals; consultation and representation in all permit approval procedures: enforcement of or defence against claims with respect to construction delay, construction defects, construction billing/cost overruns.

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