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    Welcome to M & C Law

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    Welcome to M & C Law

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Welcome to Madanhe & Chigudugudze Legal Practitioners (“M & C Law Firm”), a premier full-service law firm based in Zimbabwe specialising in transactional law. With a foundation built on exceptional competence, we promptly formulate effective solutions tailored to our clients’ unique challenges. Our commitment is to deliver timely, solution-oriented services, providing unparalleled legal support to meet our clients’ needs.

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Our expertise

corporate and transactional

Corporate and Transactional

We support clients in commercial and corporate aspects, offering comprehensive legal solutions for business transactions.

Property Law

M & C Law Firm's Conveyancing Department manages property law matters in Zimbabwe, covering sales, transfers, leases, financial planning, and more.


Employment Law

M & C Law Firm provides innovative, comprehensive employment law advice to major clients in Zimbabwe.


Construction Law

We offer expert advice on construction legal issues, guiding clients for successful outcomes through efficient solutions.


M & C Law Firm: Exceptional, innovative full-service firm offering tailored legal solutions, prioritizing client satisfaction.

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