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Employment Law

We assist clients with all commercial and corporate aspects of their business.

Commercial transactions are the heartbeat of M & C Law Firm and the maiority of our lawyers are primarily involved in assisting clients with a wide variety of commercial transactions. Our wide experiences in the fields of business and investment help you to understand what is at stake, decide how to define your goals, and to design comprehensive legal solutions to all of your corporate clients needs. Our transactional lawyers counsel individuals and organizations on the legal issues generated by their business dealings. 

"We craft comprehensive legal solutions for our corporate clients' diverse needs."

In assisting organizations or agencies M & C transactional attorneys may: create/form legal entities: draft and negotiate contracts: advise on general governance, commercial, and compliance matters; complete and file legally required forms, including tax exemption applications; design personnel policies and/or counsel on real estate, regulatory, intellectual property and licensing matters. In assisting individual clients M & C Transactional attorneys may, amongst other things: draft wills, powers of attorney, and other estate planning documents: draft and negotiate personal contracts such as leases, employment agreements, or loan modification documents: file tax documents or other forms required to access government benefits.

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